Why Linux or any Debian is better than Windows operating system?


A very common question has been asked by millions of people daily if it’s organization student or sometime same question asked by newbies who are trying to learn programming.

This entire journey start from September 3 1993 when a team of developers think that they they need a complete different environment where a developer can think better the first Debian was released on that day..

Debian 11 is more popular than other Debian distributions the reason is stability and security Linux is also known for they are security and open source license a lot of organization they want to use window operating system for daily uses but on backside for networking pack tracing and for development using Linux get more popular Linux help organization to protect their personal data farm hackers it’s also available right now on windows as a window sub operating system since 2017 Microsoft and our Linux distribution did launch a new version of Linux they called Linux has a suburb rating system for Windows it’s still available on Windows Store so anyone can download but it’s not so flexible because it’s running from cloud server so it make small problems.

find developers use Linux:

A very common question asked by community of people that why Linux is used by developer a lot of people just think that the Linux is only used for hacking or other purpose but if we go to the second part of mirror we will see the Linux is more stable than window for development purposes one of the main reason creating files running server on localhost and managing Debian to Debian based web hosting servers there are different type of hosting servers

  • Shared hosting.
  • VPS (virtual private server) hosting
  • Dedicated hosting.
  • Cloud hosting.

and these all hosting servers are managed by different developers data center experts cloud professionals and cloud architect developer. the best part is all people use Linux or any other Debian. On other side Windows operating system makes a lot of problem during the development such a as a troubleshoot not responding error background apps running or malware spyware and ransomware attacks these are some common critical issues while people are using Windows operating systems and one of the main reason windows are paid for organization using pirated Windows operating system can be more dangerous for you For more information for pirated software

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