Google is putting their 2 .5 billion customers in the High risk.


According to 2019 survey shows that anyone can upload any kind of malicious app in play store Google try to remove more than 5,000,000 app from play store to protect their customers from threats. 

the thread is coming from the hackers who can upload any kind of Android app in play store and ignored by Google reverse engineering tools. the app can contain any kind of permission and in future app can be used for any kind of denial of services attack. in the case of apple apple reverse engineering tools are quite powerful in other case apples imply and reverse engineer test each app that has been submitted for approval. 

currently more than 5,000,000 applications available on Google Play stores contain unwanted permissions. most of these apps make people to think about what is going on on their back. the in 2015 Google remove one of the most important apps that was containing suspicious activities. The app was used by people to bypass the payment option that gave billions of dollars to the earth software industry. This made Google think that if this is possible, anyone can upload anything to it and put people’s data at risk. 

In other case these apps can be make a zombie system and use for a different kind of canal service stack. Google is just charging 30 bucks for uploading app but not going about how these things can make a big problem for that. other side googles a lot of products are still vulnerable and putting people’s data in risk. and say if for people