WPScan a powerful vulnerability scanner for wordpress CMS system save millions of websites form’s cyber-attack on websites. who was launched in 2010 from that she has been used by major multibillion dollar organization which have a good remark about the tool. WPS skin has ability to scan any kind of internal or external vulnerability in WordPress that help developers to understand about Current issues. the organization is offering for basic packages for users. free premium and custom and enterprise. all the packages have their own benefits the tool also did their word their own WordPress plugin which can be easily installed In WordPress CMS the plug in has ability to scan all the internal issues and report to the developers. 

With a large database of WordPress vulnerability scans collect each single wanted to billet and receive from other researcher individually to report them and also add in their database so if any kind of vulnerability detected in any themes plugins or WordPress current version so developer can update or make changes in there 

the plug in even has more ability to work on CLI base WPS skin has more than 200 features that is enough for a penetration test. the tool is by default

installed in Kali and other Linux distribution. with a few commands you can run and check vulnerabilities in your in your WordPress website but in some cases the WPS scan doesn’t work. if

the person is using custom WordPress website which means all the hoax has been changed and directories names are changed to the two just follow the directories and process it and find the issues in that.