before we understand anything, we need to imagine this why would you NEED play store apple store or any kind of played from which allow us to buy or sell their product. and this welcomes and major problem for billions of people around the globe. 

this following your search report is owned by BICODEV researcher and developers’ team. 

we need to understand this thing that if a certain product is going to suspend or abandon any country it will bring a lot big unpacked on which security on one side it will help our state to secure himself from outside thread and on the second side it will allow us to accept the thread from outside and inside this will somehow play with our offense and defense the reason is more darkly. 


any kind of published story verify

 each of the product and take some charges to maintains and take guarantee of every person. take it Google and apple both have their own stores for example a person visits to play store and download an app that app has app in permission that is verified by third party. in this way the user is skewed because the third party is securing himself and also the customer to publishing anything suspicious on their platform. if anything happens the customer will be notified and all the product will be removed from the play store or apple store. 

with a strong policy and guidelines, it helps user to protect their personal information and also avoid user from scammers fissures and any kind of social engineering attack. 

how play store or apple store will effect on small and large businesses. 

the person who will be going to purchase anything from Google clear that we will pay some fee to third party to get their service. easy way the third party will take charges from both user to save each other. in this case if the service is not available in market anyone can download then kind of suspicious app that can take unwanted to access of that device anyone can put any kind of suspicion malware spyware ransom failure to take the personal information of the user, the second of the biggest impact for the user will be anyone can download and upload app from anywhere on Internet that will put the millions of user data in risk. 

which can be a big disaster for arrogation and user. this also warned the guardians from incoming updates from big organizations banking apps and etcetera whenever they will update any kind of bug the bug will be still remain in that application because the service will be not available in certain area or location. The attacker can remove the encryption and it will be still remain there that will also compromise with the confidentiality 



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