Database Test

test the database and make its Secure

Web 3.0

its on The way

What we offer

What TO KNow Waht we OFFER

Bicodev offers all Previous Regarding Web & Mobile  Application Solution & Security. 

Reverse engineering

We’ll generate a sitemap for your site, submit it to search engine is and track crawler access.

Firewalls Testing

install powerfull (firewalls) for your web applaction . so you and your Countmores can stay safe .

Database Testing

Bicodev offers Database testing and internal , external Attacts testing .

web & Software

let us konow we will help you to Develop a Beautifull and Scure web Applaction

Learn about us, how we deal with your business and what kind of services we can offer you so you can protect your business and personal Customer information.

Network Analysis

A cybersecurity risk analysis is one step in the overall risk management and cybersecurity risk assessment process.

Security Analysis

A cybersecurity risk analysis is one step in the overall risk management and cybersecurity risk assessment process.

Defender Plan

complete solution and strategy. To prevent. Organization from Cyber Attack and 24/7 penetration testing services available for website.

Security Consult

The team of cyber security expert and penetration tester will set and discuss all the vulnerability issue regarding to your business.

Partnerships for authentic experiences.

You are not alone in This Rase

“I am very much enjoyed working with these developers (Hoor Javed and Imran Niaz )! Hoor was extremely sharp in everything she did. She was also available to help and accommodate all of my needs. She was vey creative. She works quickly and efficiently. Also, Mical works hard. He has great out-of-the-box ideas. He makes himself available to help me when I have questions. Before he does anything, he is kind enough to ask me about my opinion/decision first. Internet connection is the only problem. I recommend these two to others who want solid, excellent developers!

Brett Bowles
Ceo (Revivalhydration)

Expert Team

IMran Niaz

Imran Niaz Cms Developer and Backend Engenirar. Experience in Cyber Security & Pentesting 

Bilal Bukhari

Mr BIlal Bukhari Social Engendering Expert and Cms Developer .

m. Junaid Khan

Mr. Junaid Khan is a Professional Cms developer tester Debugger and more than 10 years of Experience in Debugging. 

General Questions

Bicodev  start offering security consulting and cyber security solution regarding to web application & Penetration testing in 2018 or company has protect. More than 58. Customers. and right now we have more than 100 active customer 

We are glad to say that every single customer is. Satisfied and. They can sleep. Without any problem and they can wake up without any intention. Someone can steal their information. 

Yes, over every single employee has certification and we’re glad to say we have 20 certified professional ethical hackers and cybersecurity experts. They are certified by Cisco CCNA. Red Hat Enterprise certified R 300. 

Why Bicodev

Why Bicodev

 BICODEV Offer • Web & Cloud architecture design and Developments • Web & Mobile Developments

Customer relations with
transparent Protection ...

Business Scurety can help you get there.

Case Studies

Terminal Ctrl


TERMINAL CTRL​ is Cloud Engr Solution Org offring Mobile App Developments and Core Design .

Analitic CTRL


A Power full and animated web Analytic tool tack help from us for Securing There users Data From hackers 



Reviall Hydration Mobile iv hydration. Sunnyvale CA .also tack ous help for pen testing 

Alo of way to Sucre your apps

Our Professional Scurety expert will Help you to scure your Business

Worldwide Private top pen-traction Testes

Find one of best Pentraction testers varifide by Hackerone