We were able to Find Sql info user and Pass of News website on LinkedIn 

Small things help you to find big tings on internet , 

This Article is for education porous only. hello everyone how your having wonderful day in this article I am going to tell you about how I was able to find SQL information by using LinkedIn.

scrolling some post on LinkedIn and suddenly someone talking about a new website that it’s made on laravel .

when it comes to my mind that website is built in Laravel normally when I am trying to find solution on internet that how I was able to find something that matters so I definitely try to find things on it.

Photo by Mohammad Rahmani on Unsplash

if you are Familiar with Laravel so you might know the lower has a lot of files that contains sensitive information.

here are the names of the sensitive files and directories in a Laravel application that are important to protect:

1. .env
2. config/
3. storage/
4. bootstrap/cache/
5. app/
6. database/

Sometimes Laravel keeps a lot of sensitive information inside its env file, many times it is very easy to get this file i.e. you simply target this url and you get the file in seconds but many times This is not achieved without using the bypass method

So all the hacking stuff start from this area this dude who is totally unknown to me a suddenly post on LinkedIn it told people that there using a specific framework of PHP called laravel. 

Animation that there is a bug . Hairstyle everything start from scratch. 

I go to website and because of this person I was similar with this website it’s a famous news website in our country. 

And I just go there put the URL after slash and smash the enter and the boom it download the file from here to file was containing a lot of information about database database password username Amazon AWS secret and private key and bunch of father information. 

So I got this all thing I tell male them and let them no hey I have download the file. 

So heaven Kiran response from them

And I was totally love it when I found this thing this thing is same pretty it is there the hamel change any kind often shows and shout out to this news channel